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Cooperation with local governments

An effective investment process requires good cooperation with local governments. You can obtain support at many stages of the investment process at the regional and local levels.

Activity of local authorities, especially municipalities, is a key to attracting and retaining investors. One of the tools that local authorities use to encourage investors is business parks. These are separated and comprehensively prepared areas that meet the needs of potential investors. They have a spatial development plans providing for production and/or service activities, internal roads and infrastructure.

Business parks in Małopolska

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Green Crystal Industrial Park in Tarnów

This industrial park is located in the eastern part of Małopolska, approximately 85 km from Krakow, in the northern part of Tarnów, in the immediate vicinity of the city’s transit roads. It is planned that the ultimate area of the park will cover 357 ha including 225 ha of undeveloped areas. Currently, over 40 companies operate in the Park, representing mainly electrical machinery, glass and logistics industries. The city of Tarnów owns 8 ha of undeveloped land within the boundaries of the park and offers it for lease to investors. The areas included in the park have access to all utilities adapted to the needs of existing and emerging production and service facilities.

Green Industrial Park in Wojnicz

This park is located in the eastern part of Małopolska, in the Wojnicz Municipality, approximately 70 km from Krakow, approximately 500 m from national road No. 4 (Krakow – Rzeszów) and 1.5 km from the center of Wojnicz. Currently, the park covers an area of 63.5 ha including 35 ha of land prepared for investors. Ultimately, the park will cover an area of 153 ha including approximately 70 ha of green areas. All utilities tailored to the needs of enterprises are available in the park. The municipality offers tax relief and a “fast track” for investments.

Economic Activity Zone in Limanowa

The zone is located in the southern part of the Małopolska Region, approximately 70 km from Krakow, in the town of Limanowa. The area of the zone is 13.7 ha, of which approximately 7 ha is land intended for development. It is a post-industrial area where the processing of oil and petroleum products took place until recently. Administrative and industrial buildings, production halls and tanks are located in the Zone. The usable area of the existing buildings and structures is 4,365 m2. The zone has access to a railroad siding.

Chrzanów-Trzebiński Industrial Park

The park is located in the western part of Małopolska, 40 km from Krakow, in the municipalities of Trzebinia and Chrzanów. Trzebinia and Chrzanów are important petrochemical, energy and metallurgical centers of the region. Within the municipalities there are important road (A4 highway) and rail junctions. The park consists of 2 sections with a total area of 55.5 ha. These include both undeveloped areas and properties with industrial facilities (halls, warehouses, office and other buildings, post-mining shafts, etc.). The park offers opportunities to develop production, warehousing, forwarding activities and broadly defined public services. Real estate tax exemptions are provided for future investors for the implementation of projects that create new jobs in the Trzebinia municipality. Similar tax relief for future investments is planned in the Chrzanów municipality.

Municipal Economic Activity Zone Nowe Dwory in Oświęcim

The zone is located in the western part of Małopolska, on the outskirts of the town of Oświęcim, at the national road No. 44 (Tychy – Zator – Skawina – Krakow), which constitutes a bypass of the town center. The zone will ultimately cover investment areas with an area of approximately 45 ha (with a possibility of expanding them by another 40 ha), of which the city owns 7.5 ha. The zone offers four investment sectors (undeveloped) and a business incubator (under development) with an area of approximately 25 ha. Interested investors are offered assistance in completing necessary formalities related to the investment process.

Myślenice Investment Zone in Jawornik

The zone is located in the central part of the Małopolska Region, in the Myślenice Municipality in Jawornik, approximately 15 km from Krakow and approximately 150 m from the national road No. 7 (Krakow – Chyżne). Mainly by companies producing and processing plastics operate in the zone. Currently, the area of the zone covers 90 ha, of which 20 ha are areas already occupied by investors including Scandinavian Tobacco S.A. and Bahlsen Sweet Sp. z o.o.

Bochnia Economic Activity Zone

The zone is located in Bochnia, 38 km from Krakow. The total area of the zone is 42.7162 ha, and ultimately the zone is to cover an area of 51.3969 ha. The zone has convenient access. From the south, access by a 6m wide municipal road and the Bochnia – Uście Solne – Baczków district road No. 1424K, 7m wide. From the northern border, the construction of an exit from the planned A4 highway, the Krakow – Tarnów section, the so-called “Bochnia junction”, is planned, and the construction of a connector between the Bochnia junction and the national road No. 4 is planned. 4 km from the nearest railroad station in Bochnia. 5.5 from the nearest railroad siding of StalProdukt S.A., 0.2 km from the siding of Krak-Gaz.

Green Dobczyce Industrial Zone

The zone is located in the central part of Małopolska. It covers an area of 51 ha, of which 29 ha are already occupied by investors. Regional roads No. 964 Krakow – Wieliczka, Dobczyce – Mszana Dolna and No. 967 Myślenice – Bochnia intersect in the municipality. Direct access to the zone is via a road fully prepared for heavy traffic. There is no tax relief in the Dobczyce zone. The amounts of taxes on property are: PLN 17.10 per 1 m2 of real estate, PLN 0.66 per 1 m2 of land, 2% of the value of buildings, paved squares, free-standing machines, etc.

Urban Economic Activity Zone in Chełmek

The zone in Chełmek is located in the western part of the Małopolska Region. The area of the zone is 27 ha and has already been fully developed. A characteristic feature of this zone is that it lies within a triangle between three large urban agglomerations: Krakow, Katowice and Bielsko-Biała. The zone is located in the immediate vicinity of the regional road No. 780 Krakow – Silesia and a highway running 5 km from the zone. The Chełmek municipality provides favorable conditions for business by maintaining high quality of the technical infrastructure. Contact: Town and Municipality Office in Chełmek, ul. Krakowska 11, 32-580 Chełmek.

Niepołomice Investment Zone

This zone located in the central part of Małopolska, within the administrative boundaries of the town of Niepołomice and the village of Podłęże It consists of 500 ha of land, of which 200 ha are developed. Another 100 hectares of land are being prepared for investors’ use. It is well communicated with the surroundings. From the south, the border of the zone is the international Krakow – Tarnów main railroad line, and 2 km away there is a section of the A4 Krakow – Tarnów highway under construction. In Niepołomice there are special rules for treating investors, administrative procedures are shortened to the necessary minimum, and a special team representing the Niepołomice Municipality helps in solving problems at each stage of the investment. It is also possible to establish a Special Economic Zone. Contact: Town and Municipality Office in Niepołomice, Plac Zwycięstwa 13, 32-005 Niepołomice.

Wieliczka Economic Activity Zone

Perfectly situated on the border of Krakow and the southern bypass highway. An expressway to Rzeszów runs through the municipality, and in the future it will become a highway connecting Krakow with Lviv. In the area of over 216 ha of the zone, over 22% will be industrial buildings, 6% service buildings, and 31% biologically active area (greenery). The remaining 59% is road infrastructure, parking lots, circulation areas, etc. The area for investment was increased to 250 ha. The zone consists of three industrial clusters divided into 4 segments (zones). The main uses of zones A and B (Kokotów), at the Śródmieście – Brzegi district road, are services, production and tourism. The area available for development for warehouses and warehouses is over 25 ha, for offices, services and trade – 1.5 ha. Zone C, with an area for development exceeding 7 ha, hosts commercial facilities (services, offices, trade). Zone D is intended for the construction of logistics centers, production and services – over 28 ha.

Bukowno Economic Activity Zone

This zone located at ul. Kolejowa was established in October 2008. It covers 10 hectares. Currently, the priority is to obtain funds for the development of the zone. It is estimated that the development will cost PLN 18,997,000, of which PLN 15,198,000 will be covered by a subsidy from the Małopolska Regional Operational Program.

Special Economic Zone in Dąbrowa Tarnowska

In May 2010, an agreement was signed regarding the 2nd phase of reconstruction of the county road No. 1322K Dąbrowa Tarnowska – Radgoszcz. The re-engineered section of the road is part of a route connecting national road No. 73, regional road No. 984 and five county roads. The road is connected to the planned Dąbrowa Tarnowska bypass and the A4 Tarnów – Krzyż highway junction. Moreover, together with the national road No. 73 and the regional road No. 975, it constitutes a connection between the Special Economic Zone Euro-Park Mielec and the planned economic activity zone in the Dąbrowa Tarnowska and Żabno municipalities.

Koszyce Economic Zone

This zone, which is to be located in Sokołowice, 55 km from Krakow, will cover an area of 18.03 ha.

Economic Activity Zone in Sucha Beskidzka

The Sucha Beskidzka municipality received funding for the implementation of a project called “Establishment of an economic activity zone in Sucha Beskidzka – Dąbie region” as part of the Małopolska Regional Operational Program, Measure “4.3. Establishment and development of business parks”, Scheme “A. Business parks with an area of 2-20 ha”. The estimated costs of the project amount to over PLN 3.2 million, including over PLN 2.6 million, i.e. 80% of the investment value, from the European Regional Development Fund. The remaining funds will come from the municipality’s budget. Funds for the implementation of the project will be used to develop the area, including the construction of an internal road, sidewalks, sewage and rain water drainage systems and lighting. New companies and, therefore, new jobs will be created in the 9-hectare zone located next to the road towards Wadowice.

Economic Activity Zone of Western Małopolska in Zator

The zone in Zator is located in the western part of Zator, next to the planned city bypass – connection of the national road No. DK 44 (Gliwice – Krakow) with the national road No. DK 28 (Zator – Medyka). The offered area is equipped with complete technical infrastructure and has up-to-date spatial development plans. The zone, thanks to its location, is a friendly place for investors and facilitates cooperation with both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs.

Economic Activity Zone of Książ Wielki

The zone is located on the border with the Świętokrzyskie Region. It is the northernmost area of Małopolska, managed by the Krakow Technology Park. The zone has excellent technical infrastructure and a convenient communication system (near the Krakow – Warsaw national road). Water supply, sewage system, power supply and telephone networks are in place.

Economic Activity Zone in Wolbrom

The zone is located in the northern part of the Małopolska Region. This area is an important center of the rubber, wood and metal industries. The basic connection is the Olkusz – Miechów national road and, additionally, the road from Krakow to Pilica and Żarnowiec. An electrified railroad line runs through the town, with a station in Wolbrom and three stops in the municipality, as well as a broad-gauge line for transportation of metal ores and sulfur.

Economic Activity Zone in Trzciana

The zone is to be located in the Bochnia county, Trzciana municipality. Distance of the village of Trzciana from the nearest urban locations: Krakow – 37 km, Bochnia – 22 km, Limanowa – 22 km, Nowy Wiśnicz – 14 km.

Nowy Brzesk Economic Area

The area is to cost PLN 9.5 million, of which PLN 7.6 million is to be co-financed from the Małopolska Regional Operational Program. The area is to cover 38 ha of village green on the bank of the Vistula River. It is planned to build a factory of Krakowskie Zakłady Odlewnicze Zremb S.A. and FMO in the economic area.

Economic Activity Zone in Andrychów

Since 2007, there has been an Economic Activity Zone in Andrychów, Wadowice County, with a total area of 140 ha. This region is one of the most important industrial centers of Małopolska. The machinery, textile and cotton industries are developing here.

Gorlice Economic Activity Zone

Work on the construction of the “Small Gorlice Bypass” is underway. The entire investment carried out as part of the project for “Improvement of transport access to the economic activity zone bypassing the center of Gorlice – reconstruction of district roads No. 1486 K and No. 1488K” will cost PLN 6.6 million. The renovation is co-financed by the Małopolska Regional Operational Program, Measure “4.1. Development of road infrastructure”, Scheme “A. Roads of regional importance”.

Economic Activity Zone in Szczurowa

The zone is located in Szczurowa, Brzeg county. This region has convenient access to Krakow and Tarnów. The municipality is located at the Warsaw – Busko Zdrój – Szczurowa – Krynica route. Two strategic roads intersect here: the regional road No. 964 (Dąbrowa Tarnowska – Niepołomice) and the regional road No. 768 (Brzesko – Kazimierza Wielka). A new bridge over the Vistula was built 12 km from the A4 highway exit, further improving communication in the municipality.

Economic Activity Zone in Trzebinia

The Economic Activity Zone in Trzebinia will be located in the southern part of the city, directly next to the railroad station. The zone is to include the areas of the former Metallurgical Plant I, Rubber Plant and Fat Plant. Its area will be 42.4 ha. The following will be done as part of the investment: (1) Construction and upgrade of roads in the zone, including 859 m of new local and access roads and of 419 m of improved access roads. (2) Construction and upgrade of access roads to the zone, including 293 m of new local roads and 620 m of improved local and access roads. The total length of the new roads will be 1,152 m, and of the modernized ones 1,039 m. Rainwater drainage and road lighting will also be built as part of these investments. (3) Construction of technical infrastructure: sewers and lighting in ul. Dworcowa.

Olkusz Economic Activity Zone

The zone is located at Wspólna Street, in the western part of Olkusz, and covers areas intended for production and service activities. The unquestionable advantage of the zone is its excellent location with direct access to the national road No. 94 and the modern technical infrastructure within the zone. The 28 hectares covered by the zone are home to a dozen or so enterprises representing a number of industries. The Olkusz municipality has a pool of land waiting for buyers.


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