Polska Strefa Inwestycji

Polish Investment Zone

The Polish Investment Zone is an instrument thanks to which you can obtain tax relief for the implementation of a new investment. You can use it throughout Poland, regardless of the size of your company. Support is granted to companies from the industry and modern services sectors.

The Polish Investment Zone is a form of support for companies planning new investments. Help may be provided to:

  • All traditional industry companies except those producing, among others, alcohol, tobacco products, steel, electricity or gas
  • Some companies from the service sector: providers of IT, accounting (excluding the processing of tax returns), audit and call center services

Aid may not be granted to companies conducting business activities in the following areas, among others: wholesale and retail trade, buildings and construction works, gambling.

Tax relief can be obtained by companies implementing new investment projects such as:

  • Establishment of a new plant
  • Production capacity increase
  • Marketing of new products
  • Production process change
  • Acquisition of assets belonging to a plant that has been closed

The investment may be located on either private or public land.

The amount of public aid (tax exemption) is calculated based on the amount of investment outlays incurred by the entrepreneur for the implementation of a new project or based on two-year costs of newly created jobs.

Małopolska offers the following percentages of public aid for enterprises:

  • For large – 40% *
  • For medium-sized – 50% *
  • For small and micro – 60% *

The rates apply to the eligible costs incurred.

* in Chrzanów, Olkusz, Oświęcim, Wadowice counties: 50% for large, 60% for medium and 70% for small and micro enterprises

During the period of support (12 or 15 years) within the Polish Investment Zone, the entrepreneur does not pay income tax (up to 100% of the tax) until the public aid pool the entrepreneur is entitled to is exhausted.

the Krakow Technology Park is the operator of the Polish Investment Zone program in the Małopolska Region.

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