Ważny komunikat Trwa nabór Jednostek Samorządu Terytorialnego z terenu obszaru Województwa Małopolskiego do projektu "Standary obsługi inwestora w Małopolsce".

Business in Małopolska

The Business in Małopolska Centre (CeBiM) is a unique initiative in Poland aimed at improving investor & exporter services and economic promotion of the region.

The centre is composed of: local government - Małopolska Province, regional development institution - Małopolska Regional Development Agency S.A. and one of the major institutions supporting foreign direct investments - Kraków Technology Park Sp. z o.o. and Małopolska Industrial Parks Sp. z o.o.

CeBIM's experts who specialise in supporting investment processes, implementing projects related to entrepreneurial development and conducting marketing activities on domestic and foreign markets carry out projects with the objective of strengthening the economic potential of companies operating in Małopolska and improving their competitiveness.

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To meet the changing market requirements and with a view to implementation of the strategy of activities increasing the entrepreneurship’s and regional economy's innovativeness, as well as the need to apply advanced promotional tools the partners of the Business in Małopolska Centre- Małopolska Province, Małopolska Agency for Regional Development S.A., Kraków Technological Park Sp. z o.o. and Małopolska Industrial Parks Sp. z o.o., decided to rebrand the logotype of the Business in Małopolska.

A new, modernized logotype of the Business in Małopolska Centre reflects the character of CeBiM as an institution promoting investments and economy and improves brand recognition.

To unify the message applied in the region in a variety of projects undertaken by CeBim in cooperation with business environment institutions, entrepreneurs and local government units, we kindly ask you to use the new visual identification of the Business in Małopolska Centre in all materials and publications. Maintaining a coherent and uniform message increases the effectiveness of jointly undertaken activities supporting the investment process and internalization of the SMEs sector, and it will strengthen the economic "Business in Małopolska" brand in Poland and abroad.

CeBiM's Partners

Małopolska Marr Krakow Technology Park Małopolskie parki przemysłowe