Małopolska offers modern infrastructure for development of business activities: attractive investment areas, warehousing space, production facilities and modern office buildings. We also have a very well-developed scientific and research and development base.

Business parks

These are separated and comprehensively prepared areas for investment, meeting the needs of potential investors, most often established by local governments. The business parks have spatial development plans providing for production or service activities, a network of internal roads and infrastructure. Plots within the parks have areas optimized for locating business-related facilities.


Warehousing market

The favorable location of Małopolska, among others due to access to roads enabling easy communication with any site in Poland and Europe, is a reason why it is worth investing and locating warehouse spaces in this region.

Warehouse space and terms of lease in Małopolska (in December 2022):

  • Total warehousing area: 886,500 m2
  • Warehouse area under construction: 139,500 m2
  • Vacancy rate: 1.2%
  • Base rent: EUR 4.0-5.5 per 1 m2 per month

There are numerous resources operating as so-called “warehouse parks” in Krakow and the surrounding area, for example:

  • Goodman Kraków Airport Logistic Center
  • Panattoni Park Kraków II
  • MARR Business Park
  • Panattoni Park Kraków III
  • 7R Park Kraków I, II, III, IV

The following new projects were completed in 2022:

  • Panattoni Park Kraków North I – 55,000 m²
  • 7R City Flex Kraków Airport – 28,000 m²
  • Logicor Kraków II – 26,000 m²

The condition of the warehouse market in Poland remains stable. In the period from January to March 2023, tenants rented 1.2 million m2 (-22% y/y) and developers provided 1.9 million m2 (+55% y/y) of new supply. 2.1 million m2 remains under construction (-55% y/y).

105,000 m2 of warehouse space was leased in Małopolska in the period from January to March 2023.
A record transaction on this market was concluded right in Małopolska, where a company from the logistics sector, MCG EastBridge (Maszoński Logistics Group), leased 36,700 m2 in GLP Krakow Logistics Center III.

Office space market

Krakow is the most dynamically developing regional office market in Poland. Currently, there are over 1.75 million m2 of office space available in the city, and another 170,000 m2 are under construction. Krakow systematically ranks second (after Warsaw) in terms of demand for office space.

The latest largest office projects in the capital of Małopolska (2023):

  • Ocean Office Park B (18,600 m2)
  • Fabryczna Office Park B5 (14,000 m2)


Polish Investment Zone in Małopolska

In accordance with the Act on the principles of supporting new investments of 2018, the entire Poland has become a special economic zone. The regulations allow tax exemptions for investors for 12-15 years. Not only large, but also medium-sized, small and micro-companies can benefit from various incentives. The Polish Investment Zone replaced the previous rules applicable in special economic zones.



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