The Polish Investment Zone is a program to support entrepreneurs' investments covering the entire country, and not, so far, only the separated areas of special economic zones.

The Polish Investment Zone is a program supporting investments, emphasizing their quality, making the investment support intensity dependent on the unemployment rate in the poviat, as well as promoting investments in medium-sized cities losing socio-economic functions. The Polish Investment Zone is aid constituting regional aid, granted on the basis of the Act on supporting new investments.

It can be combined with other forms of support provided that the limits are not exceeded (for the Małopolskie voivodship): 35% for large, 45% for medium, 55% for large. Polish Investment Area - this program is primarily used to support investments, but thanks to the introduction of the export sales criterion, it is also intended to increase the level of foreign trade of enterprises operating in Poland. The Polish Investment Zone is administered in Lesser Poland by Krakowski Park Technologiczny sp. Z o.o. based in Krakow.

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