Technical support for exporters

If you start your business on foreign markets, you can count on assistance of institutions with representative offices abroad:

and in Poland, among others:

As part of the support you may count on, among others:

  • assistance in establishing contacts with foreign partners

  • access to databases with data of foreign counterparties

  • assistance in first contacts between domestic and foreign entrepreneurs

  • dissemination of offers of Polish entrepreneurs interested in export abroad

  • displaying promotional and advertisement materials of Polish enterprises, e.g., at fairs

  • promotion of Polish entrepreneurs in other countries

  • providing current market information necessary for planning, organizing export and/or investment outside the territory of Poland, e.g., in the form of business catalogues

  • assistance in identification of a local market risk

  • providing information on current business events, e.g., international fairs

  • organization of missions, trips and meetings abroad

 Financial support

The growth of Polish export is stimulated by different government promotion programs and government financial instruments covered by the budget and EU funds.

1. Polish Development Fund

As part of the Polish Development Fund, the companies planning international expansion may receive different forms of support.

2. Sector Promotion Programs

Sector Promotion Programs aim at supporting foreign expansion of 12 prospective sectors.

Companies may receive funding for participation in the program as part of 3.3.3 „Support of SMEs in promotion of product brands – Go to Brand” measure. The applications should be submitted to the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Entrepreneurs who can apply for funding as part of 3.3.3 Go to Brand measure should run a business in one of the following sectors:

3. ProgramS for Promotion on prospective markets

The goal of the programs for promotion on prospective markets is to provide entrepreneurs with tools for expansion to non-EU markets.

The selected markets comprise:

For each market there is a separate promotion program developed, which specifies the promotional tools increasing exports on a given market.


4. Polish Economy Brand Program

The Polish Economy Brand aims at promoting Polish products and Polish entrepreneurs abroad. Every entrepreneur may participate in the program.

5. "GO" governmental programs

As part of the programs, portals with information on selected markets were created. Their goal is to establish cooperation between entrepreneurs from Poland and countries covered by the program.

General information about GO programs

Go China Program

Go Africa Program

Go Arctic Program

Go Iran Program

Go India Program

Go ASEAN Program

6. Financial support from the state budget

Government programs aimed at providing financial support and stimulating export growth among Polish entrepreneurs are, e.g.:

  • "Financial Support for Exporters" project

  • Export support DOKE program

  • Foreign Expansion Fund

"Financial Support for Exporters" program

A government program managed by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, under which BGK grants credits for financing purchases of Polish goods and services to foreign buyers. Credit funds are disbursed directly to Polish exporters, whereas foreign buyers repay the credits on completion of goods' or services' deliveries.

The program envisages the following instruments financing Polish export:

  • credit for the buyer granted by the buyer's bank

  • credit for the buyer granted directly

  • purchase of supplier credit receivables as part of the export contract

  • post-financing documentary letters of credit

  • discounting receivables from documentary letters of credit

  • confirmation of documentary letters of credit

  • export pre-financing.

The program enables BGK to grant a credit for pre-financing of export with the insurance of KUKE S.A. All credits must be insured by Korporacja Ubezpieczeń Kredytów Eksportowych S.A. (KUKE)

Export support DOKE program 

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego manages theDOKE Program (interest-rate support for export credits), which is an instrument used to support exports of investment-type goods and services, financed with medium-term and long-term credits at fixed interest rates.

It is a stabilization mechanism for interest rates on export credits that can be extended to the buyers by Polish or foreign banks or international financial institutions. Mutual settlements of interest differences (subsidy or surplus) are carried out directly between BGK and the financing bank with whom a DOKE agreement has been concluded in relation to a supported export transaction.

Foreign Expansion Fund

The Fund managed by BGK, and addressed to Polish companies, which are successful in the country and are planning to expand their activities outside the territory of Poland.

Export supporting tools offered by KUKE

KUKE S.A. (Korporacja Ubezpieczeń Kredytów Eksportowych S.A.) together with BGK implement the government program called "Financial Support for Exporters", which aims at boosting Polish exports by providing both foreign and domestic businesses with access to credits financing exports of Polish goods or services.

Instruments offered to businesses by KUKE:

  • Policy for the East

  • Insurance of a single export contract

  • Insurance of direct investments abroad

  • Contract bonds

  • Bonds concerning short-term loans financing export contracts

and to banks financing export contracts:

  • Buyer’s credit insurance

  • Insurance of forfaiting

  • Insurance of financial leasing

  • Bonds concerning LCs

About the KUKE offer

7. EU Funds

If you want to learn more about financing international activities from EU funds, please contact European Funds Information Point.

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