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Foreign expansion is a change in the way the entire company thinks and operates. We are committed to promoting foreign expansion of Małopolska’s companies. We provide access to a database of export companies and foreign contractors. We organise number of B2B meetings, business missions and foreign fairs. Take a look at our offer below.

ABC of export

Are you wondering where to start and develop your company's export business? Read the compendium of knowledge on the Polish Investmentand Trade Agency website so as not to miss any important step on the way to foreign expansion.

Export Knowledge Base

A complete information package, i.e. everything you need to know as an exporter, can be found on the portal. It contains the most important information for companies conducting export activities or planning foreign expansion.

Procurement of international organisations

Take part in the orders of international organizations and become a supplier of institutions such as NATO, the UN, the World Bank Group, the OECD, the World Trade Organization, the EU, the OSCE or the International Red Cross. This is a huge market worth tens of billions of dollars a year. More information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Development and Technology.

Business culture

Cultural differences are of particular importance in international business relations. Knowledge of the business culture of the country in which you do business will certainly increase your chances in export activities. It will be useful in particular at the stage of market research, product and service adaptation, negotiation talks, concluding contracts and more.

European Funds

To develop export activities, you can get support under the European Funds. Find out what forms of support from the European Funds you can use, how and what you can get funding for, where to look for information on current aid programs.

Financial support

Do you need additional capital to start or expand your business in new markets? Find out what credits and services you can use as an exporter and find the best solution for you. Financing is available  by commercial banks,  as well as by a state institution such as Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. A wide range of products is offered by the Polish Development Fund Group. It is worth considering the instruments offered by KUKE. And for transactions outside the EU – 0% VAT for export transactions.

Support for the Business in Małopolska Centre

One of the main tasks of the Business in Małopolska Centre is to support Małopolska companies in their export activities and broadly understood foreign expansion. Our mission is to increase the range and dynamics of internationalization of Małopolska enterprises.

As part of our pro-export activities, we provide:

  • access to an international database of companies
  • information about trade fairs, economic missions, B2B meetings
  • organization of workshops, trainings and thematic conferences
  • export news
  • a collection of specialist reports, publications and press reports
  • promotion of local business during fairs and foreign missions

All our services are provided free of charge.

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