Cisco plans to further acquire the most talented engineers for its competence centre in Krakow and develop its branch office in the field of data analysis, where the company sees great demand, ISBtech Vice President of Customer Services at Cisco Norm DePeau informed.

"Our Kraków branch has been growing from the beginning thanks to talented employees who have been responding to the technological needs of our customers in the EMEAR region since 2012. Krakow is our largest branch office in Europe in terms of Customer Experience, committed to providing customers with the best experience and maximizing the potential of our technology, and the fifth largest Cisco branch in the world. At the beginning we imagined that there would be several hundred people working in Kraków. In our most ambitious plans we thought of a thousand employees. Meanwhile, after only eight years of operation, we already employ 2,000 people in Kraków. - said ISBtech DePeau.

"Krakow will continue to develop in specific areas. We are planning to hire more talented engineers, and we will also develop expert skills, e.g. in the field of data analysis, where we still see great demand. Engineers from Poland and other countries who work in Kraków bring additional value to the company. Cisco is extremely pleased with the level and experience of its employees in Kraków and we should all be proud of that. This is a story of great success for Cisco and for Poland," added Vice President of Customer Services at Cisco.

In his opinion, the development of Cisco's Kraków centre is supported by a developed base of universities.

"In addition, we attract talent from almost 70 countries. We have a great and diverse base of employees. However, two thirds are still people from Poland and this relationship remains unchanged over time. So I think that Cisco Krakow branch will still have a chance to develop. With time, there will probably be fifty or a hundred new employees, this development will be gradual. Meanwhile, all employees in Kraków have been working from home since the outbreak of the pandemic and this hasn't affected the quality of their services - which is very good news for the employees themselves as well as for the remote working tools offered by Cisco," concluded DePeau.

Cisco is the world's largest provider of security solutions. The company also has the widest portfolio of cyber security solutions, which it combines into a coherent and effective architecture. In 2016, the company opened its Security Operations Center (SOC) in Poland, the only one in Europe and one of three in the world, operating as part of the Cisco Global Services Center in Kraków, which provides advanced security services for the largest global companies.



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