In the vicinity of Kraków Airport, BWI Group has opened a new technical centre, which will be a workplace for nearly 400 engineers.

The facility has been under construction for almost a year and now has 11 thousand square meters of production and office space. The team of engineers will design and manufacture car suspension parts there.

- The acquisition of the new headquarters was crucial for the company, which in the last 10 years doubled its human resources and acquired many new projects, which automatically generated the need to increase the operating space - informs Aneta Kwiatkowska, the company's spokesperson.

Cracow decoration

Thanks to the new centre in Balice, the company will continue its activities, which it started in Krakow in 1999. In the research area, work will continue on advanced technologies increasing the functionality of suspension systems and optimizing their construction and manufacturing process.

- We want the new centre to fit into the Balice landscape and be as important and recognizable as the airport - says Krzysztof Kucharczak, director of the technical centre.

- An interesting fact is that the interior design and naming of the conference rooms refers to the rich culture and tradition of Krakow and the region, which - as we hope - will inspire our foreign guests to get to know us even better - adds the director.

BWI Group is a global automotive company that designs and manufactures suspension and brake systems. The company's European centres, including the R&D centre in Balice and the factory in Krosno, are dedicated exclusively to the development of car suspension parts, including mainly passive dampers. BWI Technical Center in Balice carries out implementation projects together with customers, as well as performs research and tests related to the application of modern technologies in the production of passive dampers. The recipients of the company's products are i.a. Volvo, BMW, Ferrari, Audi, Honda, Land Rover, Porsche, PSA, Ford, GM, Lamborghini.




Małopolska Marr Krakow Technology Park