Google and Microsoft have declared that they will invest a total of 3 billion dollars in Poland in the coming years, creating several thousand jobs. Thanks to big-tech investments - which will give an impulse to the national economy - Poland is to become a major digital hub in the CEE region.

The Americans are already the second largest investor in Poland - both in terms of invested funds and newly created jobs - says Jan Kamoji-Czapinski, Director of the Centre for Strategic Investments of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH).

Over the last 20 years, thanks to the investments of companies from the USA, more than PLN 15 billion has been transferred to Poland, and over 70 thousand people have found employment. What is important, on average every fourth project of an American company in our country is related to the development of new technologies.

- The United States is the second largest investor in Poland in terms of capital expenditure. It is nearly 60 billion PLN invested since the beginning of the 1990s, although our estimates show that this amount may reach even 200 billion PLN - says Newseria Biznes news agency Jan Kamoji-Czapiński.

PAIH supports total investments worth several billion zlotys a year. Over the last three years it has recorded more than twofold growth - from 6 billion PLN in 2016 to nearly 13 billion PLN last year. Among 260 projects it supported at that time, over 1/4 (26%) came from the United States. These are 70 American investments with a total value of nearly PLN 5 billion, which created 22 thousand new jobs in Poland. At the moment, the agency supports over 30 more American investments on the Vistula River.

- The main advantages of the Polish market are certainly the quality of employees, their education and foreign language skills. This has so far attracted all investors, not only American ones. In their case the advantage of Poland is also its geopolitical proximity to the United States. Our partnership relations are an important factor, as is the availability and quality of infrastructure, which has significantly improved in recent years - says Jan Kamoji-Czapiński.

In total, since 2000, PAIH (formerly PAIiIZ) has already supported over 200 American investments in Poland, the total value of which exceeded EUR 3.6 billion (PLN 15.5 billion) and created nearly 70 thousand jobs on the Vistula River.

- However, we estimate that this amount may be many times higher and reach about PLN 60 billion, because American companies reinvest their profits here many times - says the director of the PAIH Strategic Investment Centre.

This year alone, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency has already supported seven American investments from such industries as modern business services (BSS), electronics and white goods. Among them is a project of Hyland Software, which plans to establish a research and development centre in Poland, where a team of nearly 80 engineers will develop new products and services for the international group. Also this year Mohawk company specializing in data processing employed 30 programmers and opened its office in Kraków. This is where the latest project of the American company Aptiv started. Its R&D centre already employs over 2 thousand engineers and 900 corporate specialists and is one of the company's largest R&D laboratories in the world.

Nearly 60% of American projects on the Vistula River concerns the sector of modern business services, which is responsible for about 340 thousand jobs. However, on average every fourth one is connected with the development of high technologies (IT and R&D processes). This is important as the share of such projects among all the projects serviced by PAIH since 2000 was only 10%.

- The modern IT technology industry certainly remains prospective. The recently announced investment of Microsoft and Google shows that these will be gigantic investments in data centers, but also services related to them. In the future, we are counting mainly on modern technologies or the automotive sector, especially related to electromobility - says Jan Kamoji-Czapiński.

As the head of the Polish Development Fund Paweł Borys, Google and Microsoft declared this week that they will invest a total of 3 billion USD in Poland in the coming years. At the beginning of next year a 1.5-2 billion dollars worth of investment in Google Cloud, which will create several thousand new jobs, is to be launched in Poland. In turn, in May, Microsoft signed an agreement with the domestic cloud operator, under which it will create in Poland a regional technology hub worth about 1 billion dollars, which is the first data processing region of this company in Central and Eastern Europe. Both projects are to significantly boost the national economy and make Poland the main digital hub in this region of Europe.

So far, the three largest investors from the USA in terms of investments were GM Manufacturing, Dell and Guardian Czestochowa. In turn, the largest number of new jobs in Poland has been created by Amazon, IBM and Dell.



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