Over the last 10 years our city has increased its employment in the sector of modern technologies by as much as 66% because it is at Kraków's universities that the majority of students study engineering and technical faculties and ICT - informs the Department of Strategy, Planning and Monitoring of Investments at the City Council of Krakow.

Investments of global brands in Kraków have created thousands of new jobs. Cisco since 2012, Aptiv since 2000, Motorola since 1998, and Luxoft since 2010 - each of these companies employs over 1000 people in the headquarters near Krakow.

According to the City Council, IBM has employed up to 2.5 thousand people in the city since 2002, ABB over 1500. Google, when it was still stationed here, Samsung, Akamai, or Jacobs employed up to 500 people in their office spaces.

- In 2018 they were joined by Qualtrics with its IT center, Equinity with its R&D center and this year ATFX also with its IT center and Mohawk with its data center, officials add.

The business services sector attracts people from abroad to the city. The share of foreigners as a percentage of people employed in Kraków's service centres has been increasing gradually since 2007, gaining momentum in 2015. Only a year later, 18 percent of those newly employed in the sector were foreigners.

Investments of global brands increase office space

Over the last four years, the stock of modern office space in Kraków has almost doubled, reaching almost 1.42 million square metres at the end of 2019. According to forecasts, by the end of 2022 office space in the city will have reached 2 million square metres.

- Krakow is strengthening its position as the largest regional office market in Poland thanks to global brands' undertakings - notes the City Strategy Department.

300 start-ups and 10 thousand people

According to the City Hall's data, the estimated number of start-ups in the capital of Małopolska amounts to over 300, and the broadly understood sector gathers about 10 thousand people here. It is estimated that only 10 companies, referred to as "innovative", have drawn a total of EUR 120 million to Krakow.

Some of the most recognizable and recognized brands, producing solutions used around the world, include Brainly, Estimote, Callpage, Synerise and Silvair.



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