Shell, together with the Krakow University of Economics, has created a new course of two-semester postgraduate studies in Sustainable Energy. The studies will be delivered in English by the Krakow Business School at Krakow University of Economics.

The degree programme is designed for those wishing to improve their professional qualifications and acquire the competences required in companies in the energy sector. The didactic programme was developed in cooperation with respected business specialists. It takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability and aims to prepare you to be a transformational leader for entire institutions, organisations or teams.

- Energy transformation is the key challenge of the current times and to successfully implement it we need educated employees specialising in this area. Together with one of the most renowned universities in Krakow/Poland, Shell wants to share its knowledge and experience in the field of energy transformation in order to educate the next generation who will be able to make a real contribution to sustainable development," says Grzegorz Mucha, general director of Shell Business Operations in Krakow.

He emphasises that the company has been working with Krakow University of Economics (UEK) since 2007. - Almost a quarter of the employees of the Krakow branch of Shell Business Operations are graduates of UEK. Also, graduates of the new faculty will have their doors open to Shell, especially to recruit for roles related to energy transformation. Already, several hundred positions at Shell in Krakow are related to decarbonisation, and this number is still growing," he stresses.

Sustainable energy solves problems

- Today, more than 1.2 billion of the world's population is without electricity, and almost 3 billion people worldwide use coal and other carbon-intensive conventional energy sources for heating and cooking. The use of these sources causes environmental pollution, emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases and negative health effects. The Sustainable Energy concept serves to address these key issues and will result in wider access to cleaner, more efficient and cheaper energy. The Sustainable Energy postgraduate programme is a great opportunity to fill the knowledge, competence and skills gap in this area,' assesses Dr Agnieszka Pach-Gurgul, director of Sustainable Energy postgraduate studies at the Krakow Business School at UEK.

This is not Shell's first educational initiative - the company is already a co-partner of the Global Business Services degree course, also at the Krakow University of Economics. This was the first course in Poland, created from scratch by business and science to educate employees to work in international business centres.

Recruitment for the postgraduate studies in Sustainable Energy ran until 15 February 2023. All information is available at this address.



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