Nortal, which employs more than 1,700 people worldwide, is opening its office in the capital of Malopolska. It is an IT corporation which, as it communicates, is largely responsible for the digitalisation of Estonia. The company will begin operations in the Kraków office of the acquired Skelia company, the Bonarka for Business complex.

The choice of Krakow as the location of our branch was a natural one. Krakow offers access to qualified employees and opportunities to attract young talent from renowned universities. All this makes the city a strategic location for IT companies and a key hub for the global market," says Kadi Tamkõrv from Nortal.

The corporation will start operations in the offices of the acquired company Skelia. To start with, the Estonian giant will employ more than 50 new specialists in Kraków, including product development, software engineering, cloud environments and data analytics.

Nortal is a digital transformation giant founded in 2000 in Estonia. The company is largely responsible for the country's digitalisation and has delivered many digital transformation projects for governments, healthcare institutions and enterprises around the world in recent years, the company describes.




Małopolska Marr Krakow Technology Park