The annual ABSL report is now available. It was presented during ABSL Summit 2022 - one of the biggest events of the sector in Central Europe.

Key facts about the modern services sector (end Q1 2022)


    400,300 employees
    1 714 centres
    41,700 jobs created as of Q1 2021
    102 investors from "Fortune 500" list
    26.4 billion USD - value of business services exports
    4,4 % - estimated share of the sector in national GDP


    92,686 employees (23.2% of total employment in the sector) - Kraków remains a leader in terms of employment
    261 centres
    35,562 jobs created since Q1 2017
    100,000 - forecast number of jobs in the sector in Q1 2023.

Expert comments:

"Over the past two years, reality has exceeded our wildest expectations, as evidenced by record growth in business services exports. The sector has adapted to the circumstances exceptionally quickly and nimbly" - ABSL President Janusz Dziurzynski assessed.

"We have crossed another important boundary. The share of highly specialised services amounted for the first time in the history of ABSL in Poland to over 50 per cent of all provided services. It clearly proves that our market has changed a lot and reached its maturity. Statistically, there were 130 new jobs created in the sector every day, and on average 75 of them were highly specialized ones, which shows how important the so-called competences of the future are," - said ABSL Vice-President Dariusz Kubacki.

The report (in Polish and English version) is available on ABSL website - REPORT

The Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) associates over 220 world's biggest companies employing over 400 thousand people in Poland.




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