In 2021 Capgemini celebrated its 25th anniversary of operations in Poland. The company's most important location is in Krakow, as this is where almost 4400 people work, i.e. 40% of Capgemini's total workforce.

-Our activity in Poland started in 1996, when the Application Services centre in Warsaw was opened. In 2004 we started our expansion by opening further locations, including the largest one in Krakow, where we already employ over 4300 people - says Ewa Gołębiewska-Krzyżan, President of the Board of Directors and Vice-President of Capgemini Poland.

In the latest "impact report" published by Capgemini together with ABSL we can read that eight Capgemini centres operate in seven cities in Poland (Krakow, Wrocław, Warsaw, Poznań, Katowice, Lublin and Opole).

In 2004 Capgemini in Kraków employed 239 people. In 2012 it was already 3000 employees. In 2021 Capgemini was employing 4397 people in the Małopolska capital, which constituted 41.4% of Capgemini's total employment in Poland.

The next largest Polish cities in terms of percentage of employment were Katowice (24.6%, 2616 employees) and Wrocław (22.8%, 2427 employees). In total Capgemini in Poland employs about 10,500 people.

Capgemini operates in the so-called modern business services sector. The company's share in employment in this sector in Kraków currently amounts to 5% (in 2007-2013 it was over 30%).

- Capgemini is an organization that over the past 25 years has become the largest employer in the BSS sector in Poland. The company fully exploits the investment potential that our country has to offer. The role that Capgemini plays in the development of our labor market, sector and investment potential cannot be overestimated - comments Paweł Panczyj, Director of Strategy and Business Development ABSL.

What does Capgemini actually do? It supports its clients in business processes. We are talking about processes in finance and accounting, HR, IT and cloud services, customer service, project management, change management as well as analytics and data management.

600 new jobs in Kraków and Katowice

Capgemini plans to expand even further in the coming years, providing clients with new solutions and specialisations. - We are currently opening a new business line, Capgemini Engineering, in Katowice. The company plans to hire 600 people over the next six months in Kraków and Katowice," the statement reads.

The Poznań unit, which celebrated its fifth anniversary this year, wants to double its employment within the next five years. The Lublin unit, in turn, which currently employs 100 people, plans to double its team in the coming months and eventually increase it to 400 experts. The company has similar plans for Warsaw, Wrocław and Opole.




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