The report is the first ever comprehensive publication in the region containing data on Krakow's startup ecosystem, presenting information on employment rates, areas of specialisation, business models, development stages, funding sources and challenges faced by the 140 startups surveyed. The report was prepared by the #OMGKRK Foundation.

The report also contains information about support programmes and institutions, investment funds, coworking spaces or selected success stories of Kraków's companies.

According to the report, Krakow's startups are relatively young. 59.3% of the surveyed startups were founded within the last 5 years (2021-2017). 85% of Kraków's startups have up to 50 employees and 32.5% consist of a team of up to 5 people. Most startups are actively seeking funding. 50% of startups offer their products and services mainly or exclusively to Polish customers, and 41.5% of startups operate only or mainly on international markets. Their main technology and product specialisations are artificial intelligence, business automation / productivity, mobile applications and business software.

Comprehensive information and much more data can be found in the full report, which can be downloaded on the #OMGKRK website at this link.

The Krakow Startups report was prepared in collaboration with the City of Krakow. One of the supporting partners is Malopolska Region.




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