Record results in the number and value of the of supported investments – in 2021 entrepreneurs eagerly invested in Małopolska Region and used tax reliefs as part of Polish Investment Zone.

68 decisions on granting support, PLN2,559,124,298.36 of investment outlay, and 1,127 new jobs – a result the Kraków Technology Park (KTP) has never before recorded.It was the best year in our history! We are especially glad that an increasing number of Polish businesses, also small and medium-sized enterprises, decide to use the tool known as the Polish Investment Zone (PIZ). A large number of re-investments proves that using the PIZ tool is easy, and benefits are far greater than the costs, says Łukasz Słoniowski, Vice-President of KTP.
This is year another year dominated by the investments made by small and medium-sized enterprises: 33 decisions on support were presented to small and micro-businesses, 30 – to medium-sized ones. Of the total number of 68 decisions, 55 were presented to Polish entities.
Another important factor is that more than every other support decision has been granted to a re-investor as 43 entrepreneurs decided to exploit tax relief again. Another reason to be glad is that the investments will result in the construction of 25 new plants in Małopolska.
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Polish Investment Zone is a support programme that works perfectly well in Małopolska. Under this scheme we have broken records of investments in our region in the successive years. We will continue our intense effort to reach the successive entrepreneurs, and do that with the territorial authorities who are our key partners, says Krystyna Sadowska, Director of the Investor Relations Department at KPT, explains

Dominant this year was the production sector, especially metal processing and production of packaging. A significant share of the permissions were granted to the sector offering modern services for business.
In turn, one of the largest investments was announced in the automotive industry: MAN Truck & Bus SE expands its plant in Niepołomice, investing €95 million. Now a complete range of MAN trucks will be produced here, from light and medium to the heavy range.
Altogether, KTP has issued 153 decisions on support from the start of the Polish Investment Zone programme in 2018, with the intended investment outlay in Małopolska exceeding PLN 5.5 billion.
More than just tax relief 
Activities of Małopolska entrepreneurs are also supported by other services offered by the Kraków Technology Park. Under hub4industry scheme, businesses receive support in digital transformation and evolution to what is known as the Factory of the Future. Entrepreneurs are welcome to use the Showroom: the space for demonstrations, were the key elements of the Factory of the Future are presented. This year more than 1000 entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the open days organised here.
Kraków Technology Park and ASTOR support ADMA (Advanced MAnufacturing) project, which means they are entitled to provide consultancy in the process of transformation. A diagnosis following ADMA methodology helps to design implementation plans for Industry 4.0 solutions and improve the company’s competitive edge on the market. The companies that participate in the ADMA expert scanning can obtain the status of “Factory of the Future”. Only in 2021 the hub diagnosed 111 enterprises, and prepared in-depth digital transformation scenarios for 10. Moreover, the hub4industry Academy runs an e-learning platform with 15 courses on, among others, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, 3-D printing, and 5G telecommunications.
The companies that use the tax relief in Małopolska and Jędrzejów County have the opportunity to make use of the international projects animated by the KTP. One of such projects supporting international cooperation and the development of regional policies was S3HubsinCE, involving 11 partners from Europe and coming to the close at the moment. You can also start international cooperation as part of the Avant-Garde Initiative (Inicjatywa Awangarda) providing a forum for cooperation and networking for representatives of businesses, clusters, and research units with passion for new knowledge.
These and other options of cooperation are available to entrepreneurs cooperating with the Kraków Technology Park that has helped businesses develop faster for 25 years!


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