Epic VR, a virtual reality software house, has partnered with Toyota. The Krakow-based company is going to prepare a VR solution for the automotive corporation. The application will be used to support internal trainings for Toyota employees.

As part of the cooperation and the agreement we have concluded, we will develop a VR application that will support internal training for Toyota employees. In the application we focus on showing the consequences of potential wrong decisions - informs Adrian Łapczyński, CEO of Epic VR.

Virtual reality is gaining more and more popularity in training projects due to the possibility of realistic recreations of potential risks. - In the project for Toyota, we will focus on demonstrating in practice a mistake made, together with all the consequences it may have for the final recipient of the product, which is a car. We are currently in the final stages of working on the application - explains Adrian Łapczyński.

This is not the only Epic VR project for the automotive industry. The company has already completed a solution for Mitsubishi. It was a promotional project in which everyone could experience a virtual ride in a new car model, not available in Poland at that time.




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