One of the largest Lithuanian IT companies enters the Polish market. At the beginning it wants to employ about 100 experienced engineers in a stationary and remote model.

NFQ Technologies, a Lithuanian-German IT company that helps global brands implement innovation, has registered its Polish branch in Diamante Plaza in Kraków. Over the next few years NFQ plans to hire around 100 experienced specialists who will have a decisive influence on the company's development in Poland.

NFQ is an 800-person software development company that started in 2002 as a partnership of several German entrepreneurs and ambitious Lithuanian engineers. NFQ's core competencies are in supporting startups from the technological side.

In Poland NFQ is mainly looking for employees who as first team members will have a decisive influence on the company's development in our country. In particular, NFQ is looking for people with competences in the following areas: JVM, C#/.NET, +Javascript, Mobile native, Python, TypeScript and PHP, project management, business and data analysis, as well as HR. NFQ also plans to find software infrastructure engineers in Poland interested in working with the company's teams in Lithuania (in Vilnius, Kaunas and Šiauliai).

- As an employer we give our teams full freedom to shape their working methods, and we encourage our employees to determine their own career paths. In our Polish branch this slogan takes on special meaning, because the people we are looking for now will be our key employees with very good development opportunities - says Paulius Insoda, CEO of NFQ Technologies.

Expansion into Poland

The Polish branch will help implement projects for NFQ Technologies' existing clients, which include many global startups and leading companies from various industries. These include HomeToGo, KAYAK, HansNatur, Smarketer, and Weezy, among others.

According to Paulius Insoda, the decision to expand in Poland was mainly due to the very high competence of Polish engineers, their focus on high productivity, the large number of technical universities, the excellent infrastructure for doing business, as well as the needs of the company's customers who expected support in the country of their operation. NFQ decided to choose Poland and Kraków after analysing several potential locations.

The NFQ in Poland is looking not only for permanent employees, but also those interested in working remotely or in a hybrid model. Even before the outbreak of the pandemic, the company had been practicing the remote working model, which has over time been officially adopted by relevant internal regulations.



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