Following the success of the Poland. Business Harbour programme, the first edition of which was addressed to entities from Belarus, it was decided to extend its offer to other countries: Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Armenia.

PBH is a package of solutions facilitating the smooth relocation to the Republic of Poland for IT specialists, start-ups, SMEs and large companies. The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development has also contributed to the success of the initiative.

The Poland. Business Harbour programme includes three participation paths: for companies, for startups and for individuals. Individuals and companies can count on i.a. facilitation in contacting local governments or Special Economic Zones, which actively participate in preparing the offer for relocated employees and their families, creating temporary office and housing space. One of the elements of the package is also support in the form of connecting entrepreneurs with investors and grants for R&D activities.

As of 13 July 2021, the Poland Business Harbour programme was extended to include other countries: Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Armenia.

Support from PARP - Polish Agency of Enterprise Development

In the first edition of the Programme, experts from the Department of Startups Development of PARP were directly involved, inter alia, in the process of creating regulations of the Programme's startup path chapter, as well as analysis and selection of ideas submitted by teams from Belarus. Representatives of the Agency also took part in individual consultations for teams from Belarus.

Startup path within Poland Business Harbour was directed to young teams, which are developing a technologically advanced solution or unusual business model and are at an early stage of development, seeking venture capital financing and commercial partners. Teams meeting such criteria could apply for immediate, one-time financial and living support for the founders, employees and their families in the amount of PLN 5,100 - for reimbursement of travel costs to Poland, renting a flat and other expenses. In addition, qualified teams received concierge support in Poland, access to office space, consultation and legal assistance for priority residence legalization and business start-up, as well as integration with the high-tech community in Poland.

- Poland. Business Harbour is a chance for development that benefits both foreigners and the Polish economy. Ideas of the programme participants deserve attention and a chance to put them into practice. We want to create a stable ground for them to develop and at the same time increase both the offer and diversity of innovation ecosystem in Poland - Jacek Bukowicki, expert in the Startups Development Department in PARP

So far, 20 teams have been covered by the start-up path and the aforementioned support. 72 teams were directed to the visa path (without financial support).

It is expected that some of the teams covered by the programme will apply to the Poland Prize accelerator programme, operated by 10 accelerators.

The programme is coordinated by the Ministry of Development and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, in cooperation with GovTech Poland in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Startup Hub Poland Foundation.

Details can be found on the website of the Poland. Business Harbour.



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