Red Dot Design Award has been conferred since 1955 by the North Rhine-Westphalia Design Centre in Germany. This year, more than 7,800 designs from all over the world were submitted, which were then evaluated by an international jury.

The distinction in the Product Design 2021 category went to the Vasco Translator M3 electronic translator by Vasco Electronics from Krakow/Poland.

This year, more than 7800 projects from all over the world were submitted, which were then evaluated by an international jury. Submissions were accepted in 51 categories - from furniture design to electronic equipment and packaging.

Past Red Dot winners include products such as Apple's MacBook Air and the Honda BR 1000RR Fireblade SP motorbike.

- Our development team and R&D department worked on Vasco Translator M3 for almost 2 years. The design of each application was preceded by a thorough analysis of user needs, the applications were developed in accordance with high programming standards and good programming practices. Each functionality was very carefully checked by an experienced testing team. These actions allowed us to create high quality software that is constantly being improved - says Maciej Góralski, CEO of Vasco Electronics.

Husarska design studio from Krakow/Poland is responsible for the design of the device.

Better communication

The award-winning Vasco Translator M3 was created to make communication easier for people all over the world. The device can translate speech in more than 70 languages, and also features photo translation.

The translator is suitable for tourist and business travellers, as well as for telephone calls, conferences and business meetings. The equipment can be used even without continuous Wi-Fi access. The built-in SIM card allows for free and unlimited lifetime access to the network in almost 200 countries around the world.




Małopolska Marr Krakow Technology Park