Do you know what a COMPANY-IDEA is? What interesting and innovative companies operate in Małopolska Region/Poland? What distinguishes our region? We invite you to watch a short video, thanks to which you will become acquainted with examples of COMPANY-IDEA in Małopolska Region, companies operating with passion and commitment.


Certainly the terms that can be associated with Małopolska are: business, innovation and ideas. The Małopolska Region has one of the largest concentrations of start-ups in Poland, and is also rich in the best universities and technology parks. But that's not all! A new value-based approach to business and the associated concept of COMPANY-IDEA is becoming increasingly popular in Małopolska.

COMPANY-IDEA is a company for which intangible values such as culture, social responsibility, ecology and trust are important in addition to profit. COMPANY-IDEA works to build positive relations with its environment: it cooperates with universities or schools, invests in the development of its employees, implements innovative solutions, conducts research and development work, reduces the negative impact of its activities on the environment. It is a new approach to values in business, which is supposed to help companies in long-term development. COMPANY-IDEA is a search for a way to create value, which is the most durable competitive advantage and makes the company develop, not just grow.

The concept of economy of value and COMPANY-IDEA has been propagated for several years by Prof. Jerzy Hausner, lecturer at the Cracow University of Economics, former Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and former member of the Monetary Policy Council, and Mateusz Zmyślony, founder and creative director of Eskadra, an independent marketing company. The Open Eyes Economy movement grew out of their original concept. Open Eyes Economy is also a think tank and numerous projects: Open Eyes Economy on Tour, the IDEA Stop or the Małopolska Open Eyes Economy Hub.

Małopolska Open Eyes Economy Hub supports Małopolska companies in acquiring new business partners and developing their activities abroad. If you want to learn more about the details of the project, please visit the website: or their profile on FB:

The project "Małopolska Open Eyes Economy Hub - foreign promotion of Małopolska COMPANY-IDEA" is implemented under the Regional Operational Programme of the Małopolska Region for 2014-2020

Source: Foundation for Economy and Public Administration



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