From January 2021, in the German discount shop chain Lidl in Poland, you can buy Tradycyjne Polskie Szare Mydło (Traditional Polish Grey Soap), which has already made its home in Polish bathrooms in the 70s, when it first hit the shop shelves.

Barwa Cosmetics is a Krakow company with long tradition, specializing precisely in production and improvement of the formula of the grey soap friendly for delicate skin of allergy sufferers. Respect for traditional recipes and constant development are values which have been nurtured by the Polish brand for generations.

Traditional Polish Grey Soap is an odourless, non-allergenic and non-irritating product. Its use guarantees effective cleansing in the spirit of natural skin care. The cosmetic allows for comprehensive care of both the hands and the whole body.

The natural composition of the product, lack of artificial colourings and fragrances make the grey soap, which has been used for years, arouse sentiment of long-term customers, as well as gain trust of those who hold traditional methods of care, natural composition and minimalism dear to their hearts. Traditional Polish Grey Soap by Barwa Cosmetics is a 100% natural and vegan product.

Lidl is a brand that supports Polish producers. By encouraging the purchase of domestic products, it shapes the Polish economy and contributes to their wide distribution.

- I am very glad that Lidl Poland saw the potential in our exceptional natural soap and decided to cooperate on a permanent basis,' emphasizes Grzegorz Basista, Sales Director of Barwa Sp. z o.o. - We appreciate the fact that as a Polish, family company present on the market since 1949, we are taking another step forward in our relationship with the Lidl retail chain. Thanks to it, the Traditional Polish Grey Soap will be available to a wide group of customers who will certainly appreciate its mild, hypoallergenic formula and almost 100% natural composition. In our projects, we attach great importance to the highest quality of raw materials and vegan formulas, which have ceased to be a preference and are a new standard in consumers' minds," adds Basista.

Traditional Polish Grey Soap by Barwa Cosmetics is available in Lidl shops across Poland.




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