The Bitpanda cryptovalent trading platform is planning to invest EUR 10 million to create a technology centre in Krakow. The company intends to attract the best developers from the region and employ even 300 people.

Bitpanda is a fine-tech company from Vienna. Its main product is an investment platform and stock exchange, which allows to trade cryptic trading with over a million users.

The company intends to invest at least EUR 10 million in the "world-class Technology and Innovation Centre in Krakow". The centre will employ 300 people, which will double the size of the Vienna team, which currently has 280 full-time employees.

- Locating the first technology centre in Krakow, a city of world-class developers, with its lively technological scene so close to Vienna, was a clear choice for us. We hope that our new centre will help us attract talented employees who, together with Bitpanda, will create innovations at the highest world level," says Eric Demuth, CEO of the company.

- I am convinced that we will be able to attract the most qualified specialists from the whole region, including backend developers, engineers dealing with machine learning, QA, product owners or scrum masters," adds Christian Trummer, Bitpanda's technology director.

The investment in the Kraków branch of the company is to contribute to further expansion of the company on the European market. Bitpanda can afford such investments thanks to the acquisition of USD 52 million in September from foreign venture capitalists.



Małopolska Marr Krakow Technology Park