Airly, a Krakow company, is floating out into wide waters. Investors from brands such as Virgin, Spotify and Henkel supported the Krakow-based air quality monitoring company with a round of funding of USD 2 million.

Next to Gianta, private investors from all over the world joined the round of financing. These included Richard Branson's family (Virgin), Sophia Bendz (Spotify, Cherry Ventures) and Konstantin von Unger (Henkel). Additional funds for the development of the Airly project were also obtained from the National Centre for Research and Development (almost 4 million PLN). They will allow to finance research works on a new version of the product - an air quality mapping system using mobile sensory networks.

The sum of the collected funds will help Airly in further global development and aim to make the company established in Krakow a leader in the fight against air pollution worldwide. - This year, for the first time in history, more than 50 percent of the company's revenue comes from the subscription model and from foreign customers," says Wiktor Warchałowski, President of Airly.

- As the latest forecasts show, the market of air quality monitoring is developing very dynamically and this subject is widely discussed in influential media all over the world as one of the most pressing environmental problems. It is estimated that in 2025 the global market for air quality monitoring will be worth USD 6 billion,' says the Airly press office.

- The coronavirus pandemic has proven how much the environment affects the lives of each of us. Our role is to provide communities around the world with the most reliable and up-to-date data on the nature of pollution. Knowledge and understanding of the causes of pollution arising in our environment is the first step to effectively fight the problem,' says Wiktor Warchałowski, an entrepreneur.

The air quality forecasting algorithm developed by Airly, based on artificial intelligence mechanisms, allows us to predict the flow of pollution for the next 24 hours with a 95% checkability.




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