Despite the pandemic, another outsourcing company invested in Kraków, some of the existing service centres are still increasing employment. And although most of the employees in the sector work remotely, experts predict that the sector will continue to grow.

The recruitment and outsourcing company Devire decided to open a new office in Krakow/Poland. It is the eleventh headquarters of the company existing since 1987 in Europe. Its offices are already located in Munich, Prague, Frankfurt, Warsaw and Gdańsk, among others.

- Despite a rather difficult market situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Devire does not give up on development. We have been cooperating and supporting clients in Krakow for years, so naturally the European capital of outsourcing was our next goal in business development," says Michał Młynarczyk, Devire's president and board member of the Polish HR Forum.

A city in the world's leading position

As the company representatives stress, the choice of location is not accidental. Kraków is the only Polish city which in the Tholons rankings was ranked among the top ten best cities in the world for investments from the business process sector (BPO) and the so-called shared services centres (SSC), more and more complicated processes are being developed here, and access to educated staff is also important. Especially from the ICT sector, on which the company focuses.

- Having trained staff and being closer to the customers, we will be able to efficiently and with high standards support companies in providing key competences,' stresses Konrad Hrabia, Executive Manager in Devire.

The real dump is yet to come

Almost a quarter of all employees in the sector on the Polish market work in Krakow's BSS centres (so-called modern business services) and the employment growth rate remains at the highest level in Poland. Although research conducted by ASPIRE shows that due to the pandemic less than 5 per cent of employees currently work in offices and almost 15 per cent of the centres are still closed, the sector in Krakow and all over Poland is still doing well. As "Rzeczpospolita" reports, despite the pandemic of investment projects in modern business services, there are now more in modern services for business than a year ago, and their real dump is yet to come. This means thousands of new jobs on a national scale, and it is worth noting that employment in the sector is still high. There are also companies which, despite difficult conditions, are still conducting recruitment processes. In Krakow, these include Shell and State Street.

The industry is optimistic

Similar conclusions are drawn by the Polish Chamber of Commercial Real Estate. Its experts emphasize that although many strategic decisions in companies have been suspended, they are not forever. They will probably be made only at the end of the year or at the turn of 2020/2021. Regardless of that, according to the Polish Chamber of Commercial Real Estate, in the future, one can expect growths on the Polish market.
- We expect greater demand for offices due to the relocation of some operations from Western Europe and Asia to our region (CEE), the Polish Chamber of Commercial Real Estatepredicts in its report. - This mainly concerns modern business and technology services.

Adapted to the crisis

In turn, according to ABSL research, the sector in Poland has adapted very quickly to operate in crisis mode and may be a significant stimulus for the revival of the Polish economy.

- The vast majority of companies in the modern services sector were prepared for crisis measures and implementation of relevant plans. Thanks to the international fixation, we were able to benefit from the experience of the markets where the coronavirus appeared earlier - emphasises Marcin Nowak, President of the Management Board of ABSL.

And Paweł Panczyj, director for strategy and development of ABSL, adds: - The activity of the sector has not been suspended and despite global difficulties we now have an additional chance for further development in Poland, resulting from the excellent infrastructure, human resources and location.



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