In May 2020, the American investment bank Merrill Lynch became the leader in trading on the stock market in session transactions of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. PKO BP Brokerage House remained in second place, the WSE reported.

These statistics show how important ratings are given to Poland by financial institutions. It may depend on them whether part of the capital will flow to listed companies, which indirectly affects the entire economy.

Merrill Lynch's share in trading on the stock market amounted to 9.2% in May, and BM PKO BP 7.6% in May. - according to the summary on the WSE website. Other US investment banks Morgan Stanley (7.4%) and JP Morgan (6.7%) were the next two most active stock brokers in May. If we add the tenth Goldman Sachs in this ranking, it seems that as much as 28% of trading in shares on the WSE was handled by Americans in May.

The total value of session transactions made through them was PLN 11.4 billion in May. For comparison, since the beginning of the year it was PLN 56 billion and less than 27 percent of the total turnover. It was mainly investment banks from the USA who were behind the increase in trading on the exchange by as much as 23 percent year on year to PLN 20.5 billion in May and the increase in the WIG20 index by 4.5 percent in May.




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