9 permits to operate in a special economic zone issued by the Krakow Technology Park and 5 decisions on the support of new investments.

In 2018, the Krakow Technology Park managing the Krakow special economic zone issued 9 permits for operations in a special economic zone, based on previously, ie until 30 June 2018, applicable provisions of the Act on Special Economic Zones and 5 decisions on the support of new investments issued already on the basis of the provisions of the Act on supporting new investments. The investment outlays declared by the entrepreneurs who obtained them are to total PLN 495 million, and the employment is to increase by 309 people.

Companies that have been authorized to operate in a special economic zone are:

Becker Farby Przemysłowe Ltd, producing high-quality paints, declared to incur capital expenditures in the amount of at least PLN 16 mln and to employ at least 5 new employees. The subject of the investment will be the purchase of modern machinery and equipment in the form of dissolvers, mills, production tanks and auxiliary equipment. This will allow to develop the company's existing operations and increase production capacity. The plant is located in Tarnow.

Unimetal Rec Ltd limited partnership is a newly created entity. Under the Unilab brand, it intends to conduct specialized physicochemical analyzes and tests for pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies and manufacturers of dietary supplements. This is a response to high demand for pharmaceutical research and analysis, which is currently observed on the market. As part of the permit, the production capacity of the existing plant will be increased. The total cost of the investment will amount to minimum PLN 8.67 million. As part of the project, the company intends to create four new jobs.

SOPEM Ltd, owned by the French Somfy Group, and operating in the Krakow special economic zone in Niepolomice since 2014, has started the second stage of the investment. As part of the permit issued by the management of the Krakow Technology Park, it has planned investments worth PLN 70 million and will create 10 jobs. The subject of the investment will be increasing the production capacity of the existing plant by purchasing new production lines for modern drives and control systems, adapted to the requirements of intelligent and environmentally friendly construction. The SOMFY Group was founded in 1969 in Cluses, France. Specializes in the production of automatic drives and control systems for external and internal sun protection, blinds, roller blinds and gates. As a global leader in its industry, SOMFY has around 60 representative offices on 5 continents and 8 production plants. An important piece of information is that it also runs research and development activities in Niepolomice and owns over 300 patents.

Pajor Technology Ltd. The company was founded in 2016 and provides services in the field of machining and assembly of machines. The goal of the investment is to increase the production capacity of the plant by modernizing the machine park and introducing new machining technologies and quality control as well as expanding the company's offer with its own construction machines. Investment expenditures will amount to over PLN 3 million, the entrepreneur will create 5 new jobs.

Protech Ltd. The Protech company, which has been perfectly developing in the industry of central heating boilers for individual customers, has declared an investment in the development of a Zator facility of at least 25 million. zł. This family company has so far invested over PLN 45 million in the Krakow special economic zone. Currently, it employs over 130 people. Under the permit, the company will create 10 new jobs.

Brembo Poland Ltd. The Italian company Brembo Poland Ltd, operating since 2013 in the Krakow special economic zone, received in 2018 another permit, under which it undertook to spend over PLN 51 million on investments and employ 5 people. This fully mechanized, modern, plant in Niepolomice, in which research and development works are also carried out, will increase its production capacities related to the production of treadmills and hubs for brake discs used in many top car brands.

KALMAR Marek Kaleta and Maciej Kaleta partnership. The Kalmar furniture company has been operating since 1992. Her furniture is known all over Europe, because over 90 % of production is sent for export. The company functioned in Paszyn near Nowy Sacz so far, employing over 100 people there. In Stary Sacz, they will build a modern factory including a production hall, a carpentry shop and an office building. Planned investment outlays will amount to approximately PLN 17 million. The company is going to create 70 new jobs.

Woodward PolandLtd. Woodward is an American company involved in the design, production and service of solutions in the field of control systems for aviation and energy markets. It has its plants in 11 countries around the world. The Niepolomice factory is the only one operating in Poland. The Polish company was established in April 2005. This time, the company declared expenditure - for the expansion of the plant and the purchase of machinery and equipment - at the level of approx. PLN 10 million.

FoodCare Ltd. The company FoodCare (previously Gellwe) started its activity in 1984 and over the years it has become a leading producer of dessert products. Currently, the company owns, among others Gellwe, Fitella, BLACK, N-GINE, 4MOVE and FRUGO brands. The investment consists in increasing the production capacity of the existing plant by purchasing a new CAN line and commissioning it at the plant in Niepolomice. The line is used for bottling beverages. The company declared to incur capital expenditures in the amount of PLN 18.2 million and create 10 new jobs.

Decisions on support under the Act on supporting new investments were obtained by the following companies:

Valeo Autosystems Ltd. The company manufactures heat exchangers and complete cooling modules for passenger cars, both directly for car manufacturers and for the spare parts market. The entrepreneur will invest PLN 179 million within 3 years and employ 119 people. The latest investment will increase the production capacity of the plant in Chrzanow. Valeo Autosystems Ltd is a company with French capital operating dynamically on the Polish market. The continuous development and the scale of expenditures is a great success - since 2013, in the factories located in Skawina and Chrzanów, the entrepreneur has invested in total over PLN 650 million and employed 700 people.

Exim Coding Grzegorz Śliwa is a micro-company established in 2010 that designs and manufactures printing and labeling devices for packaging machines, spare parts for them, as well as production support devices. The investment consists in the creation of a new enterprise in the field of production of CNC technology elements, the production of self-adhesive labels and specialized ICT services. It will be implemented in the municipality of Bukowno in the Olkusz poviat, in the area included in the status of the special economic zone. The company declared to incur eligible costs of at least PLN 1.3 million and create 2 new jobs.

WALKER Paweł Gawryszuk - an enterprise from the beginning of its activity, ie since 2003, dealing in the production of atypical furniture equipment. During 15 years of activity, Walker has completed many investments and projects related to the comprehensive equipment of more than a thousand objects and countless individual investments in the field of furniture making. The new investment consists in the establishment of a factory producing furniture and the building of the original Magic system for the purpose of hotels and restaurants. The investment will be carried out in Nowe Brzesko. The entrepreneur declared to incur eligible costs in the amount of at least PLN 6 million and create 8 new jobs.

SMAY Ltd. The SMAY Group has been operating on the market for nearly 30 years and provides innovative and comprehensive solutions in the field of ventilation and fire protection. It is a producer of high quality accessories, devices and ventilation systems that meet the highest standards applicable in the European Union. The plant is located in Krakow, the company has two production and storage halls and its own research laboratory. The investment consists in the creation of a new production plant equipped with modern and innovative centers and production lines along with logistics, office and commercial facilities as well as a modern research and development laboratory. The investment will be implemented in the Niepolomice commune, Wieliczka poviat, in the area covered by the status of the special economic zone. The entrepreneur declared to incur eligible costs in the amount of at least PLN 81.2 million and employment of 50 people.

ARKAN Kazimierz Białas. The investment of ARKAN consists in the creation of a new plant producing, among others weldable constructions and a research and development centre. The investor declared to incur eligible costs of at least PLN 8.9 and employing 8 people. The company is currently based in Smigno in the Lisia Góra commune, production, warehouse, support and administration departments will be transferred to the new investment. Part of a new plant in Tarnow at Nowatorska street. There will also be research and development centre with a usable area of ​​2,067 sq. m.

During the annual meeting, the diplomas were given to the entrepreneurs who were granted last year's permits to operate in the Krakow SEZ and decisions on support, as well as to representatives of local governments in which investments were located.

From the beginning of the Krakow special economic zone until February 2019, KPT issued in total 263 permits to operate in SEZ and 7 support decisions. Declared capital expenditure of enterprises operating in it amounted to PLN 5 billion. This allowed the creation of over 28 thousand jobs. Last year, the zone also gained an additional 83 ha, thanks to which its area is currently 949 ha, which consists of 36 subzones located in 35 communes located in three voivodships: Małopolskie and Świętokrzyskie.
The largest investments to date in the Kraków SEZ are: Comarch - advanced IT systems (Krakow), Somfy (Sopem) - gate drives (Niepolomice), Brembo - high performance brake systems (Niepolomice), Motorola Solutions Systems - a research and development centre and a financial centre (Krakow), Valeo - automotive parts (Skawina and Chrzanow), RR Donnelley - printing services and business services (Krakow), Bahlsen Poland - food processing (Skawina), Shell Business Operations - global operations centre (Krakow), MAN Trucks – trukcs producer (Niepolomice), Nidec - production of electric motors for cars (Niepolomice) and Mabuchi Motor in Bochnia - production of electric motors for cars (Bochnia).

source: Export Promotion Portal


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