Creation of new places in kindergartens, support for entrepreneurs, projects activating the unemployed and dependent persons - these are just some of the measures that will be implemented this year in Małopolska, thanks to the funds from the European Union. The region will receive as much as PLN 900 million, which will be distributed within the framework of 27 competitions financed from the Regional Operational Programme of the Małopolska Region.

Continuous development of the region is a priority for the Self-Government of the Małopolska Region. In the current term of office, we place great emphasis not only on the creation of infrastructure projects, but also on the support of the people of Małopolska itself. The European Union funds will help us in this process. In 2019 alone, as much as PLN 900 million will go to the region, which we will allocate to help young parents, education of children and youth, development of the labour market or support for entrepreneurs investing in the development of their own business," says Łukasz Smółka, Deputy Marshal of the Małopolska Region.

For business

It will also be a good year for entrepreneurs. Already in the first quarter of 2019, another competition for Vouchers for Innovations will start, this time it will be nearly PLN 17 million to take in small and large vouchers. Over PLN 83 million has been earmarked for the implementation of research and development projects, and the pool of funds for the purchase of research and development infrastructure amounts to PLN 43.3 million. The Małopolska businessmen will also be helped in developing their wings by funds for the implementation of R&D works, inventions and utility models. Nearly PLN 24 million is to be taken.

Care, Science, Work

The largest pool of funds - as much as PLN 250 million - will be allocated to programmes related to the activation of people at risk of social exclusion, co-financing the operation of day-care centres for children and youth and projects for the carers of dependent persons. From this pool, support will also be provided for tasks assuming the creation of day care centres for dependent persons, as well as the creation of crisis intervention centres.

Over PLN 230 million was reserved for the implementation of projects in the area of the labour market, of which over PLN 88 million will go to people implementing comprehensive programmes in the field of economic activation of the unemployed.

Projects supporting education of both students and teachers in the area of skills necessary in the labour market will also be subsidized. PLN 147.5 million was earmarked for the creation of new places in kindergartens and the development of the offer of institutions for the care of children with disabilities.

Ecological spring 2019

Investments contributing to the improvement of the natural environment will also continue to be supported. Already in April, it will be possible to apply for grants for the construction of municipal waste collection points, installations for recovery and projects related to asbestos removal, for which over PLN 15 million has been allocated. On the other hand, over PLN 30 million are funds for the implementation of projects aimed at preventing natural disasters.

Feeling in the air

Currently, 28,477 domes are being replaced or modernized. It is estimated that thanks to the investments made in the field of low-carbon economy, greenhouse gas emissions will decrease by about 213 thousand tons of C02 equivalent per year.

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