DEVELOPMENT LAND in Małopolska are often located in areas of economic activity, ie areas specially prepared by municipal governments with the support of EU funds with regulated legal status, with a current spatial development plan providing industrial or service development, access to media with industrial parameters, a network of internal roads and communication links to main roads.

DEVELOPMENT LAND in Małopolska are a rich offer of land that is mainly owned by territorial self-governments but also private persons intended for production, service or logistics activities, as well as potentially suitable for it after concentration, integration of relevant transformations.

Investment areas in Małopolska can be found in the database of investment offers on the Business Center in Małopolska website:

The investment areas in Małopolska, the most attractive ones, are located at a short distance from the main communication route, which is the A4 motorway.

DEVELOPMENT LAND in Małopolska are diverse. Due to the terrain, usually the area of ​​those located in the northern part of the province is larger, in the southern part, where the area is undulating and forests dominate, the area of ​​investment areas is usually no more than 2 - 3 ha.

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