Co-financing for exporters is offered at the regional and national level.

At the regional level, the Małopolska Regional Operational Program for 2014-2020 under the 3rd Priority Axis Entrepreneurial Małopolska, Measure 3.3. Internationalization of the Małopolska economy, Sub-measure 3.3.2. International activity of the Małopolska SMEs, creates such an opportunity for micro, small and medium enterprises from the Małopolska region. is managed by the Małopolskie Centrum Przedsiębiorczości.

At the national level, co-financing for exporters is offered by institutions and as part of specialized programs, which include:

  • Polish Development Fund
  • Trade Promotion Programs (medical equipment, machinery and equipment, IT / ICT, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, fashion, cosmetics, construction and finishing of buildings, yachts and boats, furniture, Polish food specialties, health services sector)
  • Promotion Program on Perspective Markets (Algeria, India, Iran, Mexico, Vietnam)
  • Program of the Polish Economy
  • Government GO Programs (GO China, GO Africa, GO Iran, GO India, GO ASEAN, GO Arctic)
  • The "Polish Technological Bridges" project
  • Project "Financial Export Support"
  • DOKE export support program
  • Foreign Expansion Fund
  • Export support tools offered by Export Credit Insurance Corporation S.A.

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