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Innovative Małopolska

Innovative Małopolska is a project dedicated to support SMEs in their expansion into foreign markets, assistance in technology transfer and cooperation between science and business, promotion of creativity and innovative technological solutions of Małopolska entrepreneurs. For details please visit the project website.

Okres realizacji:

styczeń 2019 r. – grudzień 2022 r.

Lider projektu:

Województwo Małopolskie

Źródło finansowania:

Regionalny Program Operacyjny 2014-2020, Działanie 3.3.

The premise of the project is to create a comprehensive system for promoting innovation, entrepreneurship in its broadest sense, and supporting innovative SMEs from Małopolska, particularly in the areas of Małopolska's smart specializations, through the organization:

  • Małopolska Innovation Festival
  • the "Małopolska Innovation Fair" initiative
  • information meetings "Innovative Safari"
  • panels in the series "Over coffee about innovations"
  • seminar of the series "A patent for a good start"

Purpose of the project: to support Małopolska SMEs operating in the areas of regional specializations by enabling them to expand into external markets, to promote their creativity and innovative technological solutions, and to strengthen the transfer of technology and knowledge, as well as to promote the economic offer of the region.



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