International cooperation of CeBiM

The Business in Małopolska Centre remains active both on domestic and foreign markets. CeBIM organizes numerous activities supporting entrepreneurs interested in developing their business, among others, through expansion to foreign markets. Participation in fairs, conferences, B2B meetings and forums allows for promotion of economic potential of companies operating in Małopolska Province and reaching potential trade partners. Below we present the selection of worldwide economic events, in which the Business in Małopolska Centre actively participated.


Expo Real Fair (2016, 2017 and 2018) - Europe's largest investment and B2B fair in the commercial real estate sector. The event focuses on building business relationships and cooperation within the real estate market. Expo Real participants include the representatives of the whole real estate sector: developers and project leaders, investors and financing institutions, advisors and estate agents, architects and planners, real estate portfolio managers and development managers as well as representatives of economic regions and towns.

  • Commercial real estate sector
  • Presentation of the Region's investment offer

Hanover Messe (2017) – the largest and most important fair of technologies, innovations and automation in industry, comprising such areas as: R&D, industrial automation and IT, industrial supply, engineering and production services as well as energy and environmental technologies. The fair based in Hanover attracts exhibitors and visitors from around the world.

  • Industrial sector
  • Presentation of the Region's investment offer


International Medical Forum in Kiev (2017) - the largest exhibition event in Ukraine addressed to representatives of medical, pharmaceutical and medical tourism sectors, interested in promoting their products and services and learning about current trends in the international medical tourism’s development.

  • Medical, pharmaceutical sectors


  • Presentation of the Region's potential in the LifeScience area



Expo Future Energy Astana (2017) - the largest international fair gathering exhibitors from over 100 countries worldwide. The theme of the event was the energy future, aiming at supporting initiatives in searching for sustainable energy solutions to satisfy an ever-growing global demand.

  • Energy sector
  • Presentation of the Region's potential in sustainable energy 


MIPIM Investment and Real Estate Fair in Cannes (2017) - one of the most prestigious events of this kind in Europe, which every year gathers thousands of exhibitors and visitors from all around the world in Palais des Festivals. This exceptional event represents an excellent opportunity to establish new business contacts, conduct negotiations and conclude investment contracts. The fair's formula is focused on building direct business relationships and exchanging experiences between the professionals from different sectors, which fitted in perfectly with the promotion of the region's offer and provided the participants with a thorough insight into the region.

  • Real estate sector
  • Presentation of the Region's investment offer


Mobile World Congress Barcelona (2018) - is the largest in Europe IT/ICT fair. The event is addressed mainly to mobile network operators, programmers and analytics working in telecommunications sector. This annual fair gathers the producers of innovative devices and allows the participants to see the most interesting technologies. The Barcelona fair is also a great opportunity to learn about the latest products, ground-braking technologies and new ideas, which may interest all visitors.

  • IT/ICT sector
  • Presentation of the Region's investment offer


Mission to Baku (2018) - at the invitation of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, the representatives of the Business in Małopolska Centre and companies representing cosmetics, footwear and dental industries from Małopolska will take part in an economic mission to Azerbaijan

The meetings in Baku, which will take place on the 5th ,6th and 7th of November will gather over 30 Azerbaijan business environment institutions as well as entrepreneurs interested in trade cooperation with Małopolska. At present, Azerbaijan is said to be one of the priority areas for our investments from energy, medical, cosmetics, agriculture, tourism, clothing and high-tech sectors.

  • Cosmetics, footwear and dental sectors
  • Presentation of the Małopolska's investment offer


International iFood Mashhad Food Fair (2017) - the fair specializes in food and food processing. The event gathers over 207 exhibitors and more than 12 thousand visitors.

  • Food industry
  • Presentation of the region's economic potential and food sector companies' offer


The EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Fair (2017) - on the 2th-6thof November 2016 the representatives of Kraków Nowa Huta Przyszłości S.A. promoted the „Kraków - Nowa Huta Przyszłości”, a strategic project of the Municipality of Kraków and Małopolska Provice, in China.

The fair constitutes the platform of cooperation and exchange of trade and technological information between the states of the European Union and the People’s Republic of China. During the event numerous meetings concerning, among others, environmental protection, biopharmacy, renewable energy, aviation, chemistry and ICT sector took place. The visitors of an exhibition stand of Małopolska had a chance to get an overview of the region's investment offer.

  • ICT, chemical sector
  • Presentation of an investment offer of Małopolska and "Kraków - Nowa Huta Przyszłości" project

The United Arab Emirates

Beautyworld Middle East, Dubai (2018) - the largest and most important cosmetics sector event in the Middle East and one of the three largest exhibitions in the world. The event gathers over 1700 exhibitors from 62 countries.

  • Cosmetics sector
  • Presentation of the region's investment offer

Gitex, Dubai (2018) - one of the largest and most important fairs dedicated to information technology and communications in the Middle East. Every year, the event gathers investors and entrepreneurs from all around the world, enabling exchange of information and experiences in the field of the latest technologies. Gitex Technology Week sets the trends in the newest technologies sector. The fair enables the exhibitors from nearly 100 countries as well as investors and entrepreneurs from all around the world to establish business contacts.

  • IT/ICT sector
  • Presentation of the region's investment offer 

The US

On the 2th-5th of October 2017 an economic mission to Chicago took place. The mission has been planned on the occasion of the launch of a direct flight connection between Warsaw and Chicago in July 2017. The key goal of the mission was to present the Małopolska companies' offer and establish contacts with American entrepreneurs. Małopolska has had a good reputation among American entrepreneurs for many years. This is where more and more research and development centres, business services centres and industrial plants are being established, whereas the investments made by American companies in Małopolska amount to 5 billion dollars.


On the 9th-13thof July 2018 the entrepreneurs associated in the Sącz Chamber of Commerce took part in an economic mission to Dakar. The mission's program included meetings held at the embassy of the Republic of Poland in Senegal, business environment institutions responsible for investments and export and the chamber of industry as well as B2B meetings. A major stimulus behind the organization of the Senegal mission was a declaration of dynamic and partner cooperation, also in the area of economy, made in 2016 by the presidents of Poland and Senegal during Macky Sall’s, the president of the Republic of Senegal, visit to Poland. On this occasion, the following economic priorities of Senegal, which may constitute an area of cooperation with Poland, were listed: construction and agri-food industries, transport infrastructure, machinery and energy industry as well as education and tourism.


Cosmoprof Asia to prestiżowe targi branży kosmetycznej odbywające się cyklicznie w Hong-Kongu. Jest to największe w rejonie Azji i Pacyfiku spotkanie producentów artykułów toaletowych, wytwórców kosmetyków naturalnych i organicznych, właścicieli salonów piękności i producentów akcesoriów. Rokrocznie swoje produkty prezentuje tutaj ok 3 000 wystawców a targi odwiedzane są przez 40 000 osób.

Dostrzegając potencjał miejsca i w odpowiedzi na zapotrzebowanie sektora kosmetycznego z Małopolski w 2019 roku firmy z regionu miały możliwość prezentacji swoich produktów na indywidualnie zaaranżowanej przestrzeni prezentacyjnej. Bezpośrednie spotkania z klientami były okazją do nawiązania nowych kontaktów handlowych i podpisania kontraktów.     

Udział w targach Cosmoprof Asia 2019 był możliwy dzięki realizowanemu przez Małopolską Agencję Rozwoju Regionalnego SA oraz Województwo Małopolskie i Krakowski Park Technologiczny, w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Małopolskiego 2014-2020 projektowi pn. „Power up Your Business in Małopolska 2”.


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