Business in Małopolska Center

The Business in Małopolska Center is a unique initiative working for the economic development of the Małopolska Region. It offers an integrated system of services for investors and exporters. Here, an entrepreneur can obtain comprehensive information on the investment process and assistance in export-related matters.

The Business in Małopolska Center is composed of three institutions:

  • Małopolska Region
  • Małopolska Regional Development Agency
  • Krakow Technology Park

The Center is a certified regional partner of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

All services of the Center are free of charge.

The Center provides current information about the region’s economy and news regarding investment and export activities.

Actions are taken in one place to comprehensively prepare the investment offer of the Małopolska Region and Krakow. The main task is to support both foreign and domestic investors interested in locating new investments in the Małopolska Region.

Investor service at the Center consists primarily in developing an offer including suggested investment locations, information on the conditions of running a business, labor costs, opportunities to recruit employees and the possibility of using public support.

The Center supports the exports and foreign expansion of Małopolska companies.
The center promotes Małopolska business and has knowledge and experience to help Małopolska entrepreneurs establish themselves on foreign markets. The Center provides access to a database of export companies and foreign contractors.
In addition, the Center is a source of up-to-date data on the region’s economy, supports the development of entrepreneurship in the region and effectively builds a positive image of Polish companies abroad.

DOWNLOWD The Business in Małopolska Center:

  • Promotes Małopolska’s investment potential
  • Supports the exports of Małopolska enterprises
  • Builds an international economic image of Małopolska




Agnieszka Pala

Agnieszka Pala

+48 602 551 546

Agnieszka Bartyzel-Płatek

Agnieszka Bartyzel-Płatek

Entrepreneurship specialist
+48 516 676 432

Karolina Rzepecka

Karolina Rzepecka

Entrepreneurship specialist
+48 690 873 200

Małgorzata Jurkowska

Małgorzata Jurkowska

Entrepreneurship specialist
+48 571 341 270


Business in Małopolska Partners

Małopolska Region


The scope of activity of the Małopolska Region includes the performance of public tasks of a regional nature, not reserved legally for the central government. The Małopolska Region creates economic policies, working for the economic development of the region. A special role within this area of competence of the region is played by the Department of Ownership Supervision and Economy. The Małopolska Region develops economic policies, supports domestic and foreign investors interested in starting a business activity in the region, coordinates activities in the field of internationalization of the regional economy, with particular emphasis on export development, conducts activities in the field of economic promotion of Małopolska, supports and develops innovation and start-ups and is responsible for the transfer of knowledge in the region. Thanks to its strategy of cooperation with Ukrainian institutions and entrepreneurs, as well as due to the strong regional partnership and the enormous efforts of many regional institutions to strengthen the business and innovation potential of the region, Małopolska was the first European region with the title of European Entrepreneurial Region to receive a special distinction from the EU Committee of the Regions this year.

Małopolska Regional Development Agency


The Małopolska Regional Development Agency has been working for the development and increase of competitiveness of Małopolska companies for 30 years. It an experienced and reliable business partner. It provides financial, investment, advisory and training assistance. Creates favorable conditions for doing business and promotes the economic image of the Region on the international arena. It also has modern and attractive space for rent to companies. Strengthens competences of entrepreneurs and business staff by offering specialized training. Organizes events, conferences and introduces new dedicated products and services in response to the current market demand. Provides consulting services at every stage of business development. Assists in setting up a company. Advises on how to optimally use resources and acquire new customers. It also supports the idea of sustainable development and CSR, also by developing and implementing strategies.

Krakow Technology Park


Technological development of Małopolska, development of entrepreneurship, promotion of innovation and new technologies, creation of a positive climate around business, and finally support for academic projects – these are just some of the main activities of the Krakow Technology Park, which significantly contribute to strengthening the socio-economic potential of the entire region. The Krakow Technology Park is a complete one-stop-shop for business in Poland. It manages the Polish Investment Zone – grants tax exemptions and inspires entrepreneurs to make new investments. The Krakow Technology Park’s office buildings provide space and technical facilities for the development of small and medium-sized companies. As part of incubation and acceleration programs, the Krakow Technology Park stabilizes and strengthens market positions of the most promising startups and inspires them to develop globally. Industry 4.0 and the gaming industry occupy a special place at the Krakow Technology Park. It is a leader of the hub4industry consortium whose aim is to provide comprehensive support to companies wanting to introduce industry 4.0 solutions. It hosts the Digital Dragons conference, a key event for the gaming industry in Europe. The Krakow Technology Park has unique know-how and extensive experience in project implementation – a result of over 25 years of practice in the market environment.



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