The Małopolska Regional Development Observatory (MORR) is part of the regional management system. It promotes the improvement of the system by carrying out research and introducing the effects of work in the broad public debate cycle.

The key goal of the Małopolska Regional Development Observatory is provision of information necessary to monitor the social and economic development of Małopolska.

GOALS of the Małopolska Observatory

  • research and analysis

  • obtaining and providing data and information

  • providing recommendations and forecasts

  • establishing and deepening cooperation with research institutions and other regions in Poland and Europe

  • collecting good practices and disseminating knowledge


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  • Research and analysis

    Research on the rate of changes taking place in social and economic development of Małopolska. Providing information and data that serve as a basis for conclusions and forecasts. Translating the results of research and research-based recommendations on decision-making processes.
  • Forecast and projection

    Making forecasts and developing change scenarios based on available data. Taking account of defined development challenges and identifying potential future challenges for the region.
  • Evaluation and monitoring

    Assessment and verification of the implemented public policies, mainly those co-financed from the EU funds.
  • Dissemination and promotional

    Animation of public debates, presenting results of conducted research and dissemination of knowledge among a wide range of interest groups. Regional, supra-regional, national and international cooperation in conducting research and finding information. Dissemination of good practices.
  • Implementation

    Development of a system for monitoring and managing developed conclusions and recommendations.

Activities of the Observatory are co-financed from the EU funds as part of
the Technical Assistance of the Regional Operational Program for Małopolska 2014-2020.

  • Digital Library

    The library holds and provides access to reports, expert opinions, analyses and articles concerning social and economic development of Małopolska. The Observatory's library constitutes the compendium on the Province.

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  • Visualization module

    Visualization module is a tool enabling spatial presentation of data gathered in the Observatory. The module has a mechanism for map, table or graph generation based on its own data

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  • Forecast model

    The application is a tool for running or comparing development simulations of Małopolska Province. It allows reliable modelling of public interventions: EU spending divided into 12 economic categories.

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