Poland is one of the largest exporters of the creative industry products and services (17th among all world economies). We are one of the ten largest exporters of designer products in the world. Małopolska has a big share in it.

Creative industries are one of the most recent economy sectors. It was indentified only at the end of the last century, when the American sociologist and economist Richard Florida distinguished the creative class. According to him, it was a key driving force for economic development of postindustrial civilization. It is composed of scientists, researchers and inventors, artists, architects, writers, publishers, journalists, IT specialists and programmers. Florida's creative class is characterized by three basic values (so called 3Ts): talent, tolerance and technology. We have similarly defined the Małopolska specialisation. These activities have potential to create wealth and jobs through individual talent. The companies working in creative industries are among the most active on the market in terms of creating and implementing innovations. Małopolska specialisation includes creative industries, graphic design, computer games and software, industrial design, architecture, fashion and leisure industry. The last one encompasses tourism, entertainment and recreation. There is an excellent environment for development of leisure time industries in the region. Małopolska is one of the most attractive tourist regions in Poland. The unique cultural heritage (the largest number of UNESCO sites in the country) and nature (the largest number of national parks in the country), as well as the multitude of cultural offer (various museums, galleries, theatres, international festivals) makes it the most visited region in the country. Krakow was entitled as European Capital of Culture and the UNESCO City of Literature. The largest conference in the gaming industry – Digital Dragons – is organised in Krakow, with more than 1,500 specialists, creators and business representatives participating every year. Creative and leisure industries can count on the support of various business environment institutions, for instance, Małopolska Printing Cluster, Cluster of Culture and Leisure Time INRET, Krakow Gastronomic Cluster and Małopolska Cluster “Turystyczny Beskid”. The oldest Faculty of Industrial Forms in Poland educating industrial designers is a part of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. This specialisation can be characterized by high work efficiency and a high percentage of art students.


Małopolska Marr Krakow Technology Park