Nowadays, electrical engineering and machine industry, as branches of the electromechanical industry, are one of the largest industrial sectors in the world. Products manufactured within this sector (including machinery, electrical devices) are the most important Małopolska export goods.

The industry encompasses the production of electronic and optical products, electrical and mechanical equipment as well as the production of vehicles, means of transport and their components. Investments in machines and devices are not only related to the implementation of modern technologies. In fact these are largely expenses of transferring innovations to companies. Thanks to that, this sector has a high percentage of innovative enterprises (57% of Małopolska companies introduced at least one product, process, organizational or marketing innovation). Małopolska is a significant exporter of electromechanical products. The export of electrical machines, equipment and their parts, as well as vehicles other than railway or tramway rolling- stock and parts and accessories thereof has amounted to several billion euros in recent years. Within this specialisation Małopolska companies operate predominantly in the areas of repair, maintenance and installation of machinery and equipment. The business environment institutions include The Tarnow Industrial Cluster J.S.C which main task is to create favourable conditions to allow entrepreneurial growth. It provides entrepreneurs with full support and legal consulting. The research and development institutions include The Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology and the Research and Development Center operating within Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów S.A.


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