Metal industry is one of the most dynamically changing economy sectors in Poland. Production is increasing, the number of businesses is growing, automation solutions are advancing. However, there are also threats. The geopolitical situation is a challenge as it significantly affects metal prices.

The specialisation (metal production) mainly comprises of research and development of technologies for manufacturing and forming of metallic and ceramic materials as well as waste management. Metal production dedicates particularly to the development of metal products for the electrical and energy industries. It also includes research in the field of material engineering. As for products from other mineral non-metallic materials those are mainly: glass, porcelain, ceramics, cement, lime, plaster. Małopolska shows a very large research and development activity in the specialisation. This, in turn, translates into a high rate of innovation in enterprises (75% of Małopolska companies introduced innovations in recent years). The above-average employment, relatively high salaries and the dynamics in creating new companies indicate a good condition of the sector, and potential to create high added value. Collaboration with specialised centres and enterprises from neighbouring region of Silesia is a great opportunity for the Małopolska metal industry. It will allow the entrepreneurs from both regions to compete more effectively on the international arena. There are several business environment institutions in Małopolska which offer their services to entities from the sector of metal production. These include: Polish Foundrymen’s Technical Association, Technological Foundry Cluster Modern Cast Sp. z o.o., as well as INNOAGH and INTECH PK – institutions enabling the transfer of knowledge from the Kraków technological universities to the industry. There are also research and development organisations supporting metal industry in the region, i.e. Foundry Research Institute and The Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology.


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