Energy consumption is growing very fast. That is the reason why the world is moving towards a sustainable energy system, reduction of carbon dioxide and fossil fuels emissions, development of renewable energy sources. It is also a direction that Małopolska takes.

The global share of renewable energy sources in the production of electricity is approx. 23%, including hydro, solar, wind, photovoltaic energy, biomass and biofuels. Poland generates more than 13.5% of energy from renewable sources nowadays. According to the EU directive, by 2020 the share of renewable energy cannot be lower than 15%. There is little time left. Today, every modern region strives to operate on the basis of sustainable energy. Małopolska is very much in it. What are our actions in this area? We increase the use of renewable energy sources, we enhance the energy efficiency of Małopolska companies, we also reduce emissions and introduce low-emission urban transport. Sustainable energy, as a smart specialisation covers the development of power industry and energy use. It focuses on clean energy technologies, energy efficiency and prosumer energy. The region already has a high potential for research on energy technologies. The AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow coordinates one of the 6 Nodes (CC Poland- Plus) that form the international Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC InnoEnergy). The Community budget is approx. EUR 100-150 million per year. It comprises of the best European universities and research institutes working on innovations in the area of energy. The leading research institutions in the region are the Center for Sustainable Development and Energy Efficiency AGH in Miękinia, the Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences and the Małopolska Center for Energy Efficient Building. "Zielone Podhale" Cluster and Sustainable Infrastructure Cluster can be found among the business environment institutions working within this sector.


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